Where Technology reckons with Culture and involves Art

Implementing information management solutions involves more than mere technology. It is about setting a common goal to stakeholders, using jargon which fits your organisation, helps run a proper operation and inspires new endeavours. It involves art.

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We know the pain. And some cures.

Ever wondered why information warehousing or application management come with so much hassle? A key to this is that IT providers come with their own protocols and standards.
But why should you have to learn a new language? DigiFuga bridges the gap between the expression of your needs in your idiom and making it clear to the world!

Core Principles


Man rules the machine. Not the other way around.

Your values

The values you believe in are the canvas prior to any process-engineering.

Your idiom

Keep using your own jargon and disclose it to your value chain.

Known Tooling

Use tooling which is familiar to you, like your office suite, but use it consciously.

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